Code of Conduct

There are some important rules that must be followed appropriately and responsibly to be resident in the GEC residences.
October, 05 2015

A responsibly and appropriately at all times. There are a few important  policies that you need to be as a resident at GEC Residences, our goal is to make you feel at home, and we expect you to act  according our community to make this place away from home more pleasant experience for you and everyone living in our residence. Please note that you agreed to the policies in this guide when you made your reservation and during your check-in process. Any violation of these rules, other policies or laws, whether included in this Guide
or not, will result in the appropriate disciplinary sanction by Global English Connections Corp, and possibly the legal authorities.   
Living in a community involves learning to use new freedoms wisely and adjusting to a new environment where rules which may be different than ones you are accustomed. Most residents will make this adjustment without difficulty. A few residents are unable or unwilling to do so, and their behavior may interfere with the environment.    
It is the responsibility of all our residents to become familiar with the policies in this guide and comply with them. Residents that do not comply with GECcorp policies stated in this Policy Guide and License Agreement will face disciplinary sanctions. These sanctions might vary depending on the severity of the violation and are treated on a case by case scenario.   



Residents are encouraged to keep personal items secure in their rooms. Public areas of the residences (living rooms, kitchens, community bathrooms, hallways, etc.) are not intended for storage of personal belongings. GEC is not financially responsible for the item if it cannot be recovered


If a resident vacates an assigned space and leaves personal possessions whether intentionally or unintentionally, these items will be considered abandoned property. All items left behind will be removed, recycled or donated. GEC is not responsible for any items left in the rooms/residence and will not be responsible for the replacement or compensation of abandoned property.  


Please remember that the double occupancy rooms are intended for two residents respectively. When a vacancy becomes available in a shared space, another roommate or roommates will be found immediately. If you are in a shared unit that has a vacancy, or if you are scheduled to vacate, please be aware that we may show your unit to prospective residents. You will be emailed or telephoned first and if there is no answer we will knock on your door before entering. You are permitted to only occupy your side of the room at all times.

Please do not allow guest(s) to sleep or settle into the unoccupied space/area, as we may have a new arrival. We will make every effort to give you at least 24 hours notice prior to your roommate's arrival.     



There are several comfortable community areas open to residents and meant for gathering, studying, and relaxing. All residents using these spaces must follow the below rules:  
  • Be respectful of others and mindful that this is community space.  
  • Be courteous during share space and time.  
  • Furniture must be utilized appropriately and cannot be moved from its original location.  
  • Be responsible for your own personal items, should you leave something behind  
  • Clean up after yourself before leaving the coomon areas so everyone can enjoy a clean environment.  
  • No sleeping in public places (including furniture, floor, kitchen, living room).  
  • Public spaces may be under 24 hour surveillance  


A community kitchen is provided for resident’s. Keep in mind that operational hours are limited for accurate hours.  We ask that all residents abide by the simple rules below so everyone can enjoy the space:   

  • Clean up after yourself.  
  • Do not sit on countertops, sinks or stovetop.  
  • Dispose of your trash in proper bins.  
  • Rinse out the sink and do not clog it by removing food from drain.  
  • Leave no trace of leftover food by wiping down counters.  
  • Do not place any items near the stovetop.  
  • Be attentive to your cooking/food.  

LAUNDRY ROOM  (if Apply)

Please be mindful of your laundry.  If you choose to leave it behind, make sure you know how long it takes to do a wash/dry.  If you leave your laundry too long in a machine, someone may choose to move it for you.  If you leave it unattended,GEC are not responsible for items damaged, stolen or removed. After 48 hours, the staff will discard any items left unattended. If you are found guilty of damaging property and/or stealing you will be held financially and legally responsible and may even face removal from the residence. Please remember you are on camera.  


Educational Housing Services does not permit persons who are required to register as sex offenders or major offenders under the laws of any state or nation to reside in any GEC residence.  Any person requesting to live in GEC housing must disclose any such registration requirement.  Failure to disclose will result in involuntary removal from GEC housing and forfeiture of any deposit or fees paid for housing.    
GEC reserves the right on a case-by-case basis to deny the request of any person to reside in GEC housing or to involuntarily remove any person already admitted to GEC housing due to the conviction of any felony or misdemeanor offense which, in the judgment of the GEC, indicates that the person who has been convicted of such an offense has the potential to disrupt the normal functioning of GEC housing, engage in conduct that may endanger the health or safety of any person residing in GEC housing, including self, or otherwise negatively impact the residential community.  
The decision of whether or not to deny the request for GEC housing or remove any person already admitted to GEC housing and the seriousness of the felony or misdemeanor offense or educational institution disciplinary infraction upon which such decision is based is at the sole discretion of the College and is not subject to appeal.  


If your room has sustained damage beyond the usual wear and tear, the cost of the repairs will be charged to you at the time of check-out or during your stay. Below is a list of charges for items within your room. Just because an item and charge is listed here, does not mean that you have that item in your room. You are, however, responsible for all items that are applicable to your room and residence.  


Educational Housing Services believes that members or groups within the GEC community have the right to express their views on a particular issue or cause. Demonstration and rallies, however, should not interfere with the operation of the residence or the institutions it serves. GEC has an obligation to protect the safety and welfare of its residents, staff, and surrounding community.  Therefore, demonstrations and rallies must be nonviolent and considerate of the rights of all members of the GEC community. Demonstrations, rallies, and distribution of materials are permissible in properly designated areas, provided the following procedures are complied with:  

  • Members of the GEC community (residences and staff) must seek approval to use GEC-designated property and/or facilities for staging a demonstration or rally.   
  • Advance notice of a demonstration or rally and the expected number of participants as well as what actions the participants intend to take must be submitted in writing by completing the Demonstrations and Rallies form. This form can be requested by emailing
  • In order to preserve an atmosphere in which a free exchange of ideas may flourish, it is necessary that standards of behavior be maintained to ensure the safety of all members of the GEC community and the unimpeded operation of the company. Hence, GEC reserves the right to take steps to address inappropriate conduct.   
  • Global English Connetions (GEC reserves the right to notify the local police in advance of a demonstration. The police may be on call to prevent any infraction of local laws.  
  • If the demonstration is to be held on the street, the Toronto Police must be notified and a permit must be secured depending on size of demonstration. Only GEC residents may participate.  

Note: Failure to comply with the above guidelines constitutes a breach of agreement and may lead to the cancellation of any demonstration.  


Residents can expect fairness from the GEC staff in addressing alleged violations of the Residence Policies and terms. Failure to comply with the terms of a sanction will be considered further violation and may result in additional, extended and more severe sanctions.  
Below are sample actions that a resident can be sanctioned when violating any GEC policy or procedure.  

Sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Written Warning  
  • Disciplinary Fines    
  • Restitution for Damages  
  • Disciplinary Probation  
  • Required Room or Building Reassignment  
  • Loss of Guest Privileges  
  • Probation   
  • Suspension from the Residence   
  • Expulsion from the Residence without a refund  
  • Referral to Public Law Enforcement Agencies  
  • Parental Notification  


Disorderly, disruptive or aggressive behavior that interferes with the general comfort, safety or welfare of a person or group is prohibited. Interference with the freedom of another person or group to move about in a lawful manner is prohibited. No resident shall create a condition that endangers or threatens the safety or well being of himsel/herself or others—this is includes GEC staff members, security guards and building  


No resident shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with an Global English Connections Staff member or other officials exercising her/his assigned duties.  


Educational Housing Services is not responsible for any personal electronic equipment, including computers, brought into the residence. All residents should connect their electrical/electronic equipment, including computers, to power surge protective devices to minimize potential damage to their personal property.   


Filming or photographing in the common areas of GEC facilities (Living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens) is generally prohibited.     


Tampering with fire equipment such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, exit signs, and common area smoke detectors is prohibited. Violations include, but are not limited to:   

  • Removing smoke alarm (this includes taking out batteries or removing from hard wire)  
  • Removing a fire extinguisher from its prescribed location  
  • Discharging a fire extinguisher for any purpose other than putting out a fire  
  • Setting false alarms  
  • Tampering with the covers on fire alarm pull stations  
  • Tampering with common area and room sprinkler systems  

Any action by a resident that places other residents at risk will result in the violator being held financially responsible to all costs associated. Additionally, the violator will be subject to disciplinary sanction taken by GEC, their school and/or legal authorities. View our Living Guide for Safety and Security procedures.  


These policies exist to allow residents to have guests in a manner that does not infringe upon the comfort or rights of other residents and maintain an appropriate level of safety and security in the building. Keep in mind that being and/or having a guest is a privilege and not a right. Regardless of length of stay, the guest is expected to abide by all building and GEC policies, procedures, regulations and standards. The host is responsible for the actions of his/her guests at all times. Any guest who violates any GEC or building policy while in GEC housing is subject to penalties including GEC disciplinary procedures and/or legal penalties and will be asked to leave the residence. GEC and/or schools that work with GEC have the right to ban any guest. The management maintains 24 hour security  as well as surveillance cameras in all hallways, elevators, kitchens and common areas.   

The following conditions must be met:  

  • NO guests under the age of 18 are permitted to be an overnight guest.  
  • An overnight gest has a fee of 40 dollars night after the second night.
  • It is the responsibility of the host to meet his/her guest in the lobby and to remain with that person at all times when the guest is in the residence.   
  • If the host departs the building the guest must also depart and is not permitted back into the residence until the host is able to personally escort them.  
  • All guests must register with GEC by Email text message or a call showing proof of a valid unexpired photo identification card.  
  • When the guest leaves the residence they must be escorted to the exit by the host and must sign out as they register.   
  • No person who is required by law to register as a sex offender may be a guest in any GEC residence.  


Provided that there is no unreasonable interference with the rights of a roommate, a resident may have a maximum of two (2) short-term daytime guests who stay between the hours of 8am and 11pm. Short term guests must leave the building by eleven or they will be considered an overnight guest.  


An overnight guest is a guest who is in the residence between the hours of 11pm and 8am and have a charge of 40 dollars, regardless of whether they stay for a few hours, or sleep in the room overnight. In consideration to the rights of roommates and other residents, there are limits to the duration and frequency of such visits. A resident may have only one overnight guest at any given time.   
Residents are not allowed to have overnight guests during their first week at the residence. This allows new residents to socialize with their roommates, as well as become better acquainted with the residence community. Please note, that a resident’s  may have additional guest policies that may also be in effect.   


All residents must fill out an Overnight Guest Form for their guest regardless of guest’s length of stay. All overnight guests must be approved by GEC staff. To obtain an Overnight Guest Form you can email us at and we will send you a copy.   

Guests For One to Three Nights   

Forms for overnight guests staying for more than 1-3 nights must be submitted at least one day before of the overnight guest.  

Guests For Four to Seven Nights  

Forms for overnight guests staying for more than three consecutive nights must be submitted a week prior to the guests’ arrival. Guests must also be approved by roommate(s).   
Failure to complete and submit the form in a timely manner may result in guest not being allowed into the building and a penalty, to be paid within 72 hours of guest arrival. If the payment is no made it we will deduct it from your last month rent and we may apply late payment fees.  


  • A guest must pay $40 per night for the first three (3) nights. A guest that stays from four (4) to seven  
  • (7) nights must pay $45 per night.   
    No guest may stay longer than seven (7) nights per month with the same or different hosts. Unless it is aprove by GEC with prior time or with a sining contract.
  • A resident is only allowed to have up to seven (7) nights of overnight guests per calendar month.  


  • No single room can have more than one (1) overnight guest on any given night (one per resident).   
  • No double room can have more than one (1) overnight guest on any given night (one per resident).  
  • No multiple accomodation rooms (house or apartment with more than 2 bedrooms) can have more than three (3) overnight guests on any given night (one per resident).  
  • GEC do not provide beds, bedding, or ID/key cards for guests of any kind.  


All guests are expected to abide by all college, building and GEC policies, procedures, regulations and standards. Remember, having a guest is a privilege not a right and EHS reserves the right to refuse any guest that is deemed inappropriate for the community.  

  • A non-resident may not be an overnight guest in the residence for more than seven (7) nights per calendar month, regardless of the host.    
  • All residents are legally and financially responsible for the conduct of their guests.   
  • While in the building, guests MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by their host all times.  
  • No person who is required by law to register as a sex offender may be a guest in any EHS residence.  
  • Any guest who engages in volatile behavior, EHS reserves the right to report that individual’s behavior to their home institution.   


Residents living in any GEC residence have the right to live free of intimidation, harassment or bullying. If after an investigation, GEC determines that a resident is harassing, bullying, or intimidating another resident, GEC may take appropriate action to cause such behavior to cease including, without limitation, terminating the License Agreement and right to be in the residence.  


Do not engage in, or threaten to engage in, any behavior that endangers the health or safety of another person or oneself.  


In the event that adequate health and safety standards are not maintained or that the condition of the room discourages roommates, GEC will take disciplinary action. Residents are expected to clean up after themselves. An inability to do this or any deviation from a reasonable disposal method will result in cleaning fees assessed to the resident in addition to sanctions. GEC reserves the right to enter resident rooms at any time without warning to inspect and assess health and safety conditions.   
In order to determine compliance with the rules or with federal, province and local laws and to check for any repairs needed, we conduct Health and Safety Inspections a minimum of once per semester and when there is a reasonable cause to believe that a violation has occurred or is taking place. GEC personnel may obtain evidence while conducting the inspection, which may later be used by the law enforcement agencies in the prosecution of criminal behavior. Any confiscated item will be donated to local charities or discarded immediately.   
If it is found that a resident's room is not up to health and safety standards (i.e. cleanliness, hazardous wiring, etc.) the resident will be given 24 hours to correct. If, upon re-inspection, the room still does not pass, the resident may be fined, face probation sanctions and/or be evicted.   

Residents are not authorized to have any of the following items;  

  • Halogen lighting equipment   
  • Electric or gas-powered heaters - Air conditioners   
  • Hot plates, toasters, or any cooking appliances of any nature not provided by GEC.
  • Candles, incense, pipes (including water pipes or bongs)  Flammable decorations such as Christmas lights etc.   
  • Furniture, television, refrigerator or microwave (not provided by GEC)  
  • Illegal substances of any nature   
  • Explosives, fireworks or weapons of any kind  
  • Smoke laden materials/vapors, fog machines and/or instruments.  

If these items are found in the room they will be confiscated. Residents will be given seven (7) days to determine where to send their items. After this time period all items will be disposed of. Please note that alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia will be disposed of immediately.  


You are responsible, and you share responsibility with your roommate(s), for keeping your room and common areas clean and free of any damage. We do not provide cleaning services in the residence.  Dirty or untidy rooms can cause roommate problems as well as extermination issues.


All ID/keys are the property of GEC, and must be returned when you finish your stay with us. Lost or stolen ID/keys should be reported immediately to GEC Office, replacement cost for the ID/Key card and a mailbox key is $50.00 each (rates subject to change). Do not install any additional lock(s) on your room. Residents are not allowed to lend their GEC ID/Key to anyone. If someone is found with an GEC ID/Key that doesn’t belong to them, the resident will face disciplinary sanctions including possible expulsion and the ID/key will be confiscated.   


Please understand that it is your responsibility to carry your ID/key with you at all times Any resident who continuously gets locked out of their room will face charges of $20 for every lock-out after the 1st lock-out and may face disciplinary sanctions (first lockout is free) be aware that we may take a few hours before a GEC stuff arrive to the location. Should you lose your key, you will be expected to pay for a replacement key in the GEC  Office. We will be keeping track of every lock-out and expect that you will adhere to the below policies if you are locked out of your room:  

All residents should go to the GEC Office during the posted hours.  

  • A temporary room key may be issued (proof of valid identification might be required), and residents will be required to return this key within 15 minutes of issue, or a fine of $20.00 will be charged. The first lock-out each semester is free of charge. Thereafter, the fee is $20.00 per lock-out.  
  • After office hours, please stop by the Security Desk or contact the RA on duty for your school who will let you in.   

Key Replacement

Should any resident damage their lock they will be billed a $60.00 replacement fee per lock.   

Lock Change:

Should any resident damage their lock they will be billed a $60.00 replacement fee per lock.   


Intoxication whether from alcohol, narcotics or prescription medicine, is not acceptable justification for irresponsible or inappropriate behavior. Residents of legal age who consume alcohol are expected to do so in moderation and in a manner that ensures other residents' rights to privacy, sleep and study. When a staff member is alerted of a resident who becomes incapacitated as a result of drinking or drug use, they will seek medical attention by calling 911. Residents will be financially responsible for the costs of the medical care including ambulance and/or hospitalization and will face disciplinary action. In addition, loud or disruptive behavior, interference or drinking habits that are disruptive or injurious to the health of individuals will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken which could lead to removal from the building and forfeitures of all monies paid.   


Residents are required to abide by all federal, provincial and local laws and regulations and the policies of Global English Connections regarding the use, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages. These rules specify that persons under 21 years of age are prohibited from possessing any alcoholic beverage. Residents who are of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcohol within the privacy of their own rooms in accordance with the following rules:   

  • Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only within assigned rooms. No more than one (1) six pack of beer or one (1) bottle of wine may be allowed within your room. Hard liquor is prohibited. Any liquor that is found in the building will be confiscated, poured out, and the resident will face disciplinary sanction.   
  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited outside of your room.   
  • Residents who bring alcoholic beverages into the residence are responsible for its legal use. This includes taking reasonable precautions to prevent the possession of alcoholic beverages by underage residents and visitors.   
  • Kegs, beer balls, and other mechanisms or devices that promote the purchase, storage and distribution of alcoholic beverages in bulk quantities, or that allow unregulated access to alcoholic beverages by any means, are prohibited.   
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or distributed by a resident or guest in any residence. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, parties at which alcoholic beverages are served and for which contributions or donations to offset the costs of the party are sought  
  • Residents found to be intoxicated (including those who have to seek medical treatment for intoxication) may be subject to the appropriate disciplinary sanction by Global English Connections and by legal authorities.  

Please note: The security and the GEC staff reserve the right to refuse access to anyone attempting to bring in alcohol.  


Residents are required to abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations and the policies of Educational Housing Services, regarding the use, sale, and distribution of controlled substances despite its changing legal status in other jurisdictions. Marijuana is an illegal substance in the Ontario Province and is strictly prohibited in any residence. There is no legal medical marijuana in Ontario regardless of the legality of medical marijuana in other jurisdiction. If we find any resident or visitor to a residence room to be in possession of or using, selling or distributing marijuana or other controlled substances (or in the case of prescription drugs, without a valid prescription) within any residence, we will contact the Toronto Police Department. Your license agreement will be immediately terminated, your rights to live in any GEC residence will cease and all monies paid forfeited and you will be required to vacate the premises.  


All residents are required to accept the Internet Access Terms of Service. This Agreement takes effect when you sign the lease agreemnet upon move in and will remain effect until you vacate GEC housing.   

The terms and conditions of the Internet Access Agreement may be modified and revised from time-to-time with notice provided to you of such modification or revision. Your continued use of the services will constitute your agreement to the agreement as modified or revised.    
You agree to use reasonable care while using any equipment provided to you and you will not tamper with, damage, remove, or move the equipment.  Also, you are required to promptly notify GEC of and pay for any damage you cause or any third party causes to the equipment. In addition, you provide permission for GEC’ employees, agents, contractors, and representatives to enter your room without prior notice to install, maintain, inspect, repair and remove the equipment.    
To the extent you would like to permit someone else to use your computer to use the internet services, you should ensure that that person is aware of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and agrees to abide by them.  If he or she refuses to agree to the terms and conditions herein, you should not permit him or her to use the internet services.  
In addition, GEC reserves the right to terminate or restrict your use of the internet services, without notice to you, for any or no reason whatsoever.


If you discover an issue in your room that needs attention from maintenance staff, please report it to GEC Office. If the office is closed please send an email to    
Neglecting to report a problem (leaky faucet, water damage, etc), could lead to further, more complicated problems. If you damage anything, you will have to repay the building for the cost of repairs (or replacements). If the resident is found responsible for causing the issue (i.e. flushed paper towels or hard objects down the toilet), you may be responsible for the costs of cleaning and repair. GEC cannot service or repair any furnishings or equipment provided by residents.   
Residents are not permitted to paint or make any alterations to their rooms. Do not put any nails, screws, hooks or any sticky substances in/on the wall. You will be responsible for any damage caused to the room.   


You live in a community where it is essential that you respect your neighbors. Please keep sound levels low within your room and comply with requests to reduce intrusive noise levels. Toronto City ordinances require quiet hours from 11pm-9am. Regardless of the hour, courtesy policies are always in effect. Please respect your neighbor's space. Repeated violations of the noise policies will subject you to disciplinary sanction.  We want to provide residents with an atmosphere where they can relax and study. Please adhere to all signage concerning noise and quiet hours.  


The residences are not designed for playing amplified musical instruments or high watt stereo equipment. Residents who wish to play or practice should wear headphones or muffle their instruments.   


It is expected that each resident will extend courtesy and consideration and be sensitive to the needs of other residents at all times. Courtesy Hours are in effect at all times in the residence. Each resident and his/her visitors have the responsibility to act with consideration toward other individuals who choose to study or sleep. Quiet Hours are defined as periods of time when noise will be kept to a minimum to allow study and sleep. Quiet hours are in effect each night from 11pm to 9am. Radios, stereos, and televisions must be played at lower volume levels that will not disturb other residents. Quiet Hours are enforced 24 hours/day throughout final exams week (beginning with the first school's finals schedule).  
Keep in mind that if a sound can be heard through the walls to another resident or from the hallway, it is considered too loud.  


We reserve the right to contact the parent(s) or guardians(s) of residents involved in dangerous and/or inappropriate behaviors that are threatening to oneself or others. GEC staff members will make a decision on whether to contact parents depending on the severity of the situation.


There is a refrigerator and microwave provided for you in your residence.  For your safety, you are not permitted to have any extra cooking appliances in your room (e.g. George Foreman grills, toasters, hot plates, etc). However you are permitted to have a one cup coffee maker (such as a Keurig) in your room. There are stoves, microwaves, toaster and ovens in the kitchens for your use. If we find any of these items in your room, they will be confiscated, discarded or donated to a local charity. Please do not remove any cooking appliances or furniture from the Kitchen.   
The following items are prohibited, if found in your room there will be a penalty fee of $100.00, disciplinary action will be taken and item(s) will be confiscated, donated or discarded:  
  • Halogen lighting equipment   
  • Electric or gas-powered heaters, Air conditioners.
  • Hot plates, toasters, or any cooking appliances of any nature   
  • Sandwich makers, toaster ovens  
  • Candles, incense, smoking and/or drug paraphernalia of any kind Flammable decorations such as Christmas lights etc.   
  • Furniture, television or microwave not provided by GEC.  
  • Illegal substances of any nature   
  • Explosives, fireworks, weapons of any kind, smoke laden materials, and/or instruments  

You are allowed to have the below items in your room:  

  • Electric Kettles automatic shut offs  
  • Irons with automatic shut offs  
  • Crock pots   
  • Curling Irons with automatic shut offs  
  • One cup coffee maker such as a Keurig  


Burning any substance in the residence is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, burning of candles, matches, water pipes and incense. Candles and incense are prohibited in the residence, if found, these will be confiscated and disposed of by staff.   
EHS reserves the right to enter the rooms at any time without warning if EHS has a reasonable suspicion that burning substances is occurring.   


Firearms, paintball guns, bow and arrows, ammunition, fireworks, gasoline and other combustible or explosive items are prohibited from the residence. If any of these or similar items are discovered, local authorities will be contacted.   


Outside furniture is prohibited in the residence. We do not allow outside furniture in order to ensure fire safety and cleanliness of the rooms. Additionally, outside furniture can contribute to pest problems. All rooms are furnished appropriately for its occupants.   
GEC may amend these guidelines at any time and reserves the right to require the immediate removal of any outside furniture for any reason. Residents are responsible for removing outside furniture from their room when they move out of the building or they will be charged for its removal.  
If you have any questions, please email  


For the sake of cleanliness and safety, residents are not permitted to have pets or animals of any kind, including fish and reptiles, at any time in the building. Residents found with animals in their custody will be subject to disciplinary sanction and will be required to remove the pet immediately.  


Playing any sports in the hallways, living rooms or backyards is strictly prohibited.   


You are permitted to have a bicycle or rollerblades; however, you must store them in your own room (Note that if you have a roommate you will have limited space). You are NOT ALLOWED to ride them anywhere inside the building including the living room or common areas. Any bicycle, roller blades (or anything else, including doormats) left outside in the hallway is a safety hazard and will be promptly confiscated.   


Gambling in your room or anywhere within the residence is not permitted.  


Residents are strictly prohibited from going into certain areas including but not limited to: electrical closets, storage closets and areas in the lower/basement level. Residents cannot take emergency exits unless there is an emergency.   


Los residentes tendrán estrictamente prohibido subir al techo o azotea en cualquier momento por cualquier razón (excepto por la petición de un Oficial de Bomberos de Toronto). Cualquier violación de esta política dará lugar a una sanción disciplinaria.


Each resident living in an Educational Housing Services facility possess specific individual and group rights and responsibilities which serve to guide housing personnal in making decisions concerning resident welfare and behavior.   
Each resident has the right to engage in activities that are part of Educational Housing Services. However, these rights carry with them reciprocal responsibilities on the part of the individual to ensure these same rights and responsibilities that are associated with community living.


  • To have free access to their living accommodations.   
  • To live in a clean and secure environment.   
  • To written copies of housing rules and regulations, or individual building policies which govern individual and group behavior.  
  • To the respect and safety of personal property.  
  • To study without interruption or interference.  
  • To be free of intimidation or harassment.  
  • To enforce the housing agreement/contract.  
  • To direct access to staff, which provides assistance, guidance and support as needed.  
  • To equitable treatment when behavior is in question.  
  • To host guests, within established guidelines.  
  • To individual and group educational and developmental opportunities in their living community.  


  • To adhere to rules and regulations.   
  • To comply with reasonable requests made by GEC staff and those appointed by them.  
  • To meet expected room payments on time.   
  • To monitor and accept responsibility for the behavior of their guests when applicable.   
  • To respect the rights of others, as stated above.   
  • To report violations of rules and regulations to appropriate staff.   
  • To express themselves individually or by association with groups.   
  • To participate in judicial proceedings to determine appropriate standards of behavior when applicable.   
  • To contribute positively to the community by participating in educational and developmental activities. To abide by all applicable city, state, and federal laws.   


Room assignments will be made solely by Global English Connections. We reserve the right to change room assignments as reasonably required and will do its best to accommodate roommate requests. GEC cannot provide you with your roommate information prior to your arrival because of changes that may occur before you arrive. We primarily focus on gender, age, school/internship then we take into consideration any other special requests.   
In the event of a roommate conflict, GEC reserves the right to relocate one or all roommates to another room equal to resident's current rental payment. Roommate changes are subject to a full review by the GEC Associate Director.    
If GEC determines that you do not fit into a positive environment or if we consider that you are a threat to our GEC community, this will constitute termination of your contract. GEC reserves the right to terminate your contract if it is determined that you cannot fit into the community in a positive manner.   


Residents living in the residence can expect a level of privacy in their rooms, as well as in the community at large. However, Global English Connections reserves the right to enter rooms without notice to room occupants for reasons related to safety, maintenance, alteration, security, health, violation of drug and alcohol policies, fire-code compliance, facility maintenance, violation of burning substance policy, legal, reasonable cause, or discipline. In such cases, entry shall be preceded by a knock and verbal identification.   
Global English Connections reserves the right to enter into any resident’s room without prior notice. Entry may be made even if a resident is not present. Such entry does not include the authority to search personal belongings in a resident’s desk, closet, bureau, etc. However, it does provide authority to perform necessary functions such as safety, maintenance, and room inspection.  At the time of such entry, any prohibited articles that are in plain sight may be reported and confiscated.  


You are not permitted to enter into, attempt to gain access to, forcefully/passively access another resident’s room or any other restricted area of the residence without a written permission by GEC. Those that attempt to gain access without express written or in-person verbal communication will be held responsible for breaking-and-entering.  


Once you move in, it is required that you complete a Room Condition Report within 24 hours of your arrival. An GEC Staff member will give you this form upon your check-in. Upon completion of your room condition report, the tenant have to report any work requests that you noted. In the event you do not complete a Room Condition Report on writing (can be send it to you may be liable for any pre-existing damage to the room.  
You are responsible for reporting any damage that may be in your room upon move in, as the semester continues we will keep a record of any work orders reported. Failure to do so may cause you to incur damage costs at the end of your stay.


Global English Connections Corp is committed to the principle that no employee, resident, or applicant for employment should be subject to sexual harassment. Educational Housing Services strives to provide residences, workplaces and learning environments that promote equal opportunity and are free from illegal discriminatory practices, including sexual harassment.  
Sexual harassment is a violation of federal and provincial laws and of Global English Connections policy, as is retaliation against any individual who in good faith files a complaint of sexual harassment or cooperates in the investigation of such a complaint. Upon receipt of a complaint of sexual harassment or retaliation, Global English Connections will undertake a fair and thorough investigation, with due regard for the rights of all parties. Every reasonable effort will be made to protect the confidentiality of the parties during the investigation. After an investigation, any person who is found to have sexually harassed or retaliated against another will be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion from a GEC residence and from employment, if an employee of GEC. Global English Connections does guarantee, however, that credible accusations of inappropriate sexual remarks or actions will be investigated promptly, thoroughly, and fairly. All findings will be turned over to the appropriate authorities for adjudication.    


Sexual harassment is defined as sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, whether intentional or unintentional, where:  

  • Ocurre la sumisión de un individuo y el rechazo de esa conducta , ya sea explícita o implícitamente, implica el término o cambio de condición de empleo o del estado de un curso, programa o actividad, o se utiliza como base para una decision académica o de empleo.
  • La conducta tiene el propósito o efecto de interferir con el desempeño de trabajo de un individuo, su rendimiento académico, o experiencia educativa, o de crear un ambiente de trabajo o estudio intimidante, hostíl, humillante u ofensivo.


It is not possible to list all circumstances that might constitute sexual harassment. In general, sexual harassment encompasses any sexually related conduct which causes others discomfort, embarrassment, or humiliation, and any harassing conduct, sexually related or otherwise, directed toward an individual because of that individual’s sex.  
Such conduct is subject to this policy whenever it occurs in a context related to the employment or academic environments, or if it is imposed upon an individual by virtue of an employment or academic relationship. A determination of whether conduct constitutes sexual harassment is dependent upon the totality of the circumstances, including the pervasiveness or severity of the conduct.   

The following examples of conduct may constitute sexual harassment:  

  • Unwelcome sexual advances—whether they involve physical touching or not;  
  • Sexual epithets, jokes, written or oral references to sexual conduct, gossip regarding one’s sex life;  
  • Comment on an individual’s body, comment about an individual’s sexual activity, deficiencies, or prowess;  
  • Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or cartoons; this includes resident rooms  
  • Unwelcome leering, whistling, brushing against the body, sexual gestures, or suggestive or insulting comments;  
  • Inquiries into one’s sexual experiences; and · Discussion of one’s sexual activities.  

In order to constitute sexual harassment, conduct must be unwelcome. Conduct is unwelcome when the person being harassed does not solicit or invite it and regards it as undesirable or offensive. The fact that a person may accept the conduct does not mean that he or she welcomes it.  
Global English Connections, its employees, and residents also must be aware of the need for freedom of inquiry and openness of discussion in their educational pursuits and must strive to create and maintain an atmosphere of intellectual seriousness and mutual tolerance in which these essential features of academic/resident life can thrive.   


We highly encourage you to contact GEC Residence & Judicial Affairs Departments if you have any questions or concerns about sexual harassment, or if you wish to file a complaint of sexual harassment. However you are strongly encouraged to contact immediately the appropriate agency listed below:  


Exhibiting or affixing any sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering, flags or banners on any part of the outside of your room, door or the building (including signage inside your room if it can be viewed from the outside) is prohibited, as is attaching or hanging any projections (radio or television antennas, awnings, flags, banners, etc.) on the outside walls or windows of the building.   


Please note that any information posted around the residence without the consent of Student Life will be removed. Vandalism of any bulletin boards/ e-boards will be subject to disciplinary sanctions.    


Smoking tobacco or any other substance (and including “vaping” or the consumption or use of electronic cigarettes) is not permitted in your rooms or anywhere else in the building. If you need to smoke, please do so outside the building but do not loiter directly in front the building, and do not block the entrances.   


Please note that it is possible that a staff member may unintentionally encounter inappropriate resident conduct, or such conduct may be brought to the staff member’s attention by another. In general, a resident’s conduct in non-GECS affiliated online communities should not be subject to GEC disciplinary sanction unless the information relates to documented incidents which occurred within an GEC property or the conduct seriously affects the resident’s position as a member of the community. Note, however, that this policy reflects GEC policy and does not necessary reflect the policies of your school or employer.   


It is prohibited to conduct any business or commercial enterprise from the building. You are prohibited from unauthorized solicitation, membership recruitment, subscription, polling, posting, placing materials underneath doors, canvassing, and commercial sale of products, services, or tickets in any residence. Additionally, under no circumstances is prostitution or escort services permitted in the residences at anytime.   


There is no extra storage space available. Please do not bring more personal property than you can keep within your room. Summer storage is also not available and anything left behind will be considered abandoned and you will incur appropriate charges. You may check out local storage spaces such as Mini Storage for your storage needs, but GEC makes no representations or warranties about their services and assumes no liability for personal property stored off-site.  


Any resident who defaces public property or any area in any residence (or the surrounding neighborhood) will be subject to disciplinary sanction, appropriate fines, and responsible for cleaning and repairing the defaced area.  


Even a small item that falls or is thrown out of your window can seriously injure or even kill a pedestrian. Your windows are designed to not open more than a few inches. You are NOT permitted to remove or tamper with these safety devices. Additionally you should NEVER throw anything out your window or place any items on the ledge outside of your window. Any violation of this policy, you will be subject to the fullest extent of the law.

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