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March, 02 2016

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What is a Homestay?

It is a type of accommodation in which you live with a Canadian family, learn and share their culture. You have a either shared or single room, with all the amenities required as a student, also depending on your plan, you may have homemade meals.

Is the house where I will be staying, near my school?

The estimated transfer times are from 30 to 45 minutes using public transportation.

At what time do classes usually start?

In Canada classes usually start at 8:30 am or 9:00 am, depending on the season. Sometimes the time changes in winter and summer..

What will I do on my first day of school?

Usually on the first day of school, new students have a placement test in order to find out their knowledge of English and the appropriate level of instruction for them.

Will my lessons be in the morning or in the afternoon?

Classes at most institutions will start in the morning covering some afternoon time, this depends on the program.

Do I have to buy my textbooks?

Yes, these are sold in the school. Make sure you know the approximate costs of the books so you include it in your expenses.

If I have any questions about my course, accommodation, health insurance or extensions, who can I ask these questions to?

You can ask us, as your agents we will represent you and help you in everything you need.

Are your courses accredited by government or any other official authorities?

Yes, all the institutions we represent, even us. We are accredited under strict standards to ensure the quality of education required by Canada.

How many weeks can I study?

You can study the amount of weeks you want, all schools have a timetable where levels and dates are described. In addition, there are courses for certain areas, so you choose the time for doing them, depending on what you need.

Can I learn a new language in another country without even knowing a word?

Of course you can. One of the biggest fears you may feel is when thinking about how to express yourrself in the language you are learning when your level is very low. What is interesting is the way how your body starts to work for helping you being understood, either with gestures or signs, and it works! Don't let anything limit your experience. The best way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with it.

Will I get a certificate or diploma after the course?

Yes, you will have a certificate or diploma where the credits earned will be reflected.

How will you know my English or French level?

The first thing you do on your first day of school is to have a placement test, which depending on the results, we will place you in the right class for you.

What is the best way to learn a new language?

Easy: surround yourself with it. From news, music, friends, or ads, In that way you will always be constantly learning.

Will there be teachers who speak my language?

Maybe, but definitely will not communicate with you in your language. The number one rule in institutions of English or French language is not speaking another language different from the one you are learning. This rule is very strict, so that a teacher might take you out of a class or school for not fulfilling it.

How many students are there per class?

This will depend on the school, but the study groups are small enough to ensure your learning.

From what age can I participate in language programs?

This depends on the program, there are programs for young people between 8 and 17 years old and programs for adults over 30 or 50 years old. Age is not a problem.

When do the courses start?

It depends on the school, but in most cases classes start every Monday except for special programs. (See our agents’ calendars).

Can I practice speaking?

Of course you can, this is one of the main areas of practice focus.

How many classes per week will I have?

Classes are from Monday to Friday and the time will depend on the intensity of the program of your choice and the number of weekly lessons it has.

Can I choose the start date I want?

Yes, but only if it is between the fixed dates of each school’s timetable.

When should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive at least 2 days before the course start date, so we can make the service introduction such as using public transportation and major parts of the city in general.

When should I leave the country?

Once you enter the country, the immigration officer will stamp in your passport the date you have to leave the country, which should be at least 6 months from the date of entry, unless you have a study visa which will allow you to be in the country for duration of the academic course or activity.

How far in advance should I book my program?

As soon as possible, this will guarantee the prices and offers at the moment.

Will I have health insurance coverage?

It is mandatory that students have an insurance service arranged for their entire stay in Canada.

Are there any activities outside of school?

Oh yes, each school has a great schedule of activities which you can go with your classmates and practice your English outside of the classroom.


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