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The host families provide a better view of how Canadian families live their lives every day.
March, 02 2016
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Homestays are the most recommended option when choosing a place to live. With these, as an international student you will have a nonstop chance to practice your English or French outside the classroom with friends, and with your host families in their communities cultural and recreational events.

Staying with a local family is an exciting and rewarding experience. The host families provide a better picture of how Canadian families live their life every day. The interaction with a family will be useful when learning because it will help you communicate faster and better, also allow you to understand everyday expressions.

Families are carefully selected and inspected for guaranteeing security location and comfort during your time of study. 

Choose from a single or shared room, each room has a bed, desk and closet. It is important that the room is kept neat and clean, additionally you will have access to a shared bathroom. The bath towels and blankets will be provided by the host family. 

Staying in a homestay is a unique cultural experience and a chance to use your English naturally outside the classroom. You can enjoy all the pleasures of living in a family home in a cozy, comfortable and friendly environment and with home-cooked meals.

Meal plans vary depending on the plan you choose. 

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